Program for International students

We have started a new sub-program exclusively for international students. In this sub-program called “Program for International Students,” the students take intensive Japanese language courses in the first term. After completing the Japanese courses they join the ordinary MBA program and study with Japanese students. For students in this sub-program we also provide other special seminar-type classes (all these classes are compulsory).

Through these intensive classes which require students to study truly hard, they can attain advanced Japanese language skills suitable for a real business environment as well as management knowledge and capabilities.

As many of the classes in HMBA are conducted in Japanese, Japanese language proficiency is an essential requirement to study in our program, not only in the ordinary program but also in the sub-program for international students.

At the same time, HMBA has been rapidly internationalized as the nationalities of the students and faculty have become diversified. Non-Japanese students recently account for approximately 30 percent of HMBA students.

In such a situation, truly qualified Japanese and non-Japanese students have close interaction without any superficial barriers and each of them acquires a fresh perspective through intellectual dialogue.